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Thank you!

We're so thankful that you took the time to contact us about taking lessons. We look forward to working with your family in the near future. We strive to make sure that our families have an excellent experience. Learn a bit more about us below. If you'd like to talk right now, give us a call

Playing Piano

What we offer

Private music lessons for kids and adults of all experience levels for ages 5 and up.

We teach piano • ukulele • saxophone • trumpet • trombone • clarinet • violin

Our students are taught to read music and understand music theory. 

Lessons can be taught virtual or in-person. We come to you and teach in your home.

What we offer

Our Teaching Approach

Our music lessons are taught with four main tenets that serve as our foundation for teaching.

Track Your Progress to ensure students know their goals and how they are growing. 


Positive Reinforcement to create an encouraging environment that is safe for learning


Repertoire Building to help students enjoy playing and learning music they want to know. 


Proper Practice Techniques because only proper practice makes perfect performance. 

Online Guitar Class
Our Approach

Toddler & Infant Classes

Southern Music Academy is proud to present Kindermusik classes for infants and toddlers,

ages 5 and under

Many families can see the music budding inside their children long before their attention span allows them to sit still in a private music lesson. 

You don't have to wait until your child is older, you can start them with Kindermusick lessons right now.


Kindermusik is a scientifically based early childhood development class designed to stimulate and educate the young minds of infants, toddler and preschoolers. Each Young Childhood Educator has been specifically trained to help your child have the best time of their lives. 

Infant Classes

Pricing and Policies

Private Music lessons start at $152/mo

Toddler and Infant Classes are $60/mo

First Lesson Trial: Our music lessons are offered with a Risk-Free Guarantee, which means if you don't like your first lesson, you don't have to pay anything. If you love it, just keep going. You'll receive a prorated invoice for your first month. 

Makeup lessons: Although makeup lessons are not guaranteed, simply contact your teacher at least 48 hours in advance and request a makeup lesson. We will try as hard as we can to accommodate your schedule.


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Pricing and Policy
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