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Become a Teacher

Here's why I became a music teacher...

I started taking music lessons at 7 years old. I didn't know it at the time, but I was extremely lucky in that my first piano teacher was an amazing fit. 

My first piano teacher was patient, understanding and taught me the music that I heard growing up. 

I took lessons all throughout primary and secondary school. When I got a chance to go out into the world, I couldn't imagine doing anything else but helping other people discover the beauty of expressing the heart through music. 

-Burdett Rice, Founder of Southern Music Academy

What we believe

Here's what we believe a teacher should be

At Southern Music Academy, we are mentors to all of our students, regardless of their age. 

We teach our students to overcome difficulties by helping them play that passage that was once thought to be unplayable. 

We teach our students to how to persevere by setting goals and achieving them with discipline and practice. 

We teach our students to express their emotions by showing them what feelings sound like through their instruments. How to interpret the intentions of the composer and bring it out through the sound they create.


What we expect

Here's what you need to join us...

Required Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor's Degree in Music OR

  • Private Music Instruction to Advanced Level

  • 1 - 2 years teaching private music lessons

  •  Current Driver's License

  • Reliable personal transportation

  • For virtual lessons: 2-camera home studio setup and demonstration instrument

  • Video Conferencing Software Proficiency

Private Music Instructor Job Description: 

  • Part-Time Contractor Position (up to 15 hrs/wk)

  • Private Music Instruction to students of all ages on at least one instrument including Piano, Guitar, or Violin.

  • Teachers drive (typically) up to 30 min to teach music students in their home and teach students virtually using Video Conferencing Software

  • Instruction and implementation of age-appropriate music curriculum

  • Preparation of students to perform music at recitals at least annually.  

Apply to Teach
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