Piano Practice

Music Lessons Tailor Made for All Needs    

Our Music Lessons

Our students are encouraged to be their very best and every program that we have leads students to proficiency. How we define proficiency, in a nutshell, is simply that a student feels comfortable reading and playing, at least, Late Intermediate music on their instrument without assistance.

Juniors Musical Discovery Music Lessons  

Piano Lessons for children ages 4 - 6, and best for children who walk around the house singing and have that budding love for music. Children who show a great aptitude for musical talent are perfect for this approach to piano lessons. The goal of this program is to feed that curiosity by encouraging children to sing and enjoy learning the piano by playing duets with their students and playing over fun musical tracks. Due to the size of children's fingers at this age, the best instruments for them is either piano or violin.

Academy of Exploration Music Lessons

Every student that joins Southern Music Academy starts here as an "Academic" in our Exploration program. This is our fundamentals program whose goal is proficiency and comfort on their instrument of choice. Whether it's for fun, extra-curricular activities, or the edge a student needs for school ensemble, the Academy is for everyone to learn to read, speak, and breathe like a musician. It's traditional music lessons with a focus on the aptitude and interests of each individual student. Students are encouraged to play in recitals and push themselves to achieve level recognition with our Semi-Annual Skills Week evaluation tests.

a pair of guitar players - music lessons

Showstoppers Music Lessons   

The Showstoppers are our students who love to let their creativity flow. These are students who can't seem to get enough of improvising, riffing, and writing songs to pass the time. These students are encouraged to attend the bi-monthly jam sessions with our partners at the Atlanta Rock and Blues camp or form their own bands to hone their ensemble skills and work through their stage jitters by playing in a live band with other students and instructors.

Virtuosos of the Royal Conservatory   

The conservatory is best for our Virtuoso students who enjoy a challenge. These students strive for their best by achieving the proficiency expectations set by the internationally recognized standards, in Classical and Jazz, of the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, known as the ABRSM. While this program comes with practice expectations, there is a lot of enjoyment in achieving something internationally recognized. We believe that all of our students have the potential to achieve this level of musicianship, and we encourage all of our students to pursue this path.