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Music Lessons Tailor Made for All Needs    

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Ages 0 - 5

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Ages 6 and Up

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Adult Lessons

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Ages 8 and up

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Music Conservatory

Our Music Lesson Programs

Our students are encouraged to be their very best and every program that we have leads students to proficiency. How we define proficiency, in a nutshell, is simply that a student feels comfortable reading and playing, at least, Late Intermediate music on their instrument without assistance.


Kinder Kids Music Classes for Children ages 0 - 5 

Kinder Kids

Southern Music Academy offers Kindermusik to infants and toddlers who aren’t yet ready for private lessons. Music classes for toddlers and infants are a treasure trove of developmental advantages. Music and movement for children between 0 – 5 assist their brains and body to develop coordination, spatial recognition, ensemble awareness, and school readiness unlike any other activity. Students are encouraged to start music as early as possible and the benefits will continue throughout their lives. Beginning as an infant or toddler, and continuing through the years as they age, will then prepare them to start one-on-one music lessons on the instrument of their choice, after they complete our Kindermusik for the Young Child class.


Virtuoso Vanguard music lessons for ages 6 and up

Virtuoso Vanguard

This is the program every student, ages 6 and up, is a part of when they start. This program has regular milestones, based on the National Federation of Music Clubs levels. Every student is encouraged to reach proficiency on their instrument and participate in the regular recitals in Fall and Spring.  The goal is to have a rotating repertoire and be able to pass the NFMC Music Club level standards in theory and repertoire. At least to Repertoire Difficult Class I & Theory level 7. A student should plan to practice at least 30 minutes a day. Students usually can plan to take lessons for 5 - 7 years to reach this level of achievement. 

a pair of guitar players - music lessons

Rising Rockers ages 8+ music lessons focused on jazz & rock 

Rising Rockers

The Rising Rockers are our students who love to let their creativity flow. These are students who can't seem to get enough of improvising, riffing, and writing songs to pass the time. These students are encouraged to attend the bi-monthly jam sessions with our partners at the Atlanta Rock and Blues camp or form their own bands to hone their ensemble skills and work through their stage jitters by playing in a live band with other students and instructors. These students take the chordal approach and learn how to play music by ear and read chord charts. The Fake Book and advanced music theory is their best friend. Our goal is to get our students playing two-handed music quickly over backing tracks. Furthermore, these students is to learn how to compose, improvise and perform music. For students ages 11 - 18 years old, the culmination would be a week performing at the summer Rock & Blues Camp in Atlanta. 

Concert Hall - music lessons

Board's Brightest music conservatory program    

Board's Brightest

The Board's Brightest is best for our students who enjoy a challenge. These students strive for their best by achieving the proficiency expectations set by the internationally recognized standards, in Classical or Jazz, of the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, known as the ABRSM. While this program comes with practice expectations, there is a lot of enjoyment in achieving something internationally recognized. We believe that all of our students have the potential to achieve this level of musicianship, and we encourage all of our students to pursue this path. The goal of these students is to make it through to, at least, level 4 of the ABRSM. New students who think that this program sounds rewarding can talk to their teacher after completing their Level 2 books. 

Guitar Lesson

Swift Soloist accelerated adult music lessons

Swift Soloist

The Swift Soloist is for the adults who want to learn quick. This group also takes the chordal approach, but typically this is adults who want to learn how to play in about one year where they will come out along the Early Intermediate level of their instrument. They'll work from the adult chordal approach books, and will have a goal to learn to read music. The "end" will be signified by learning to sight-read at an Elementary level, play intermediate chord charts and perform a "graduate recital" playing a live session. However, this doesn't have to be the end. Most adult students will learn how to play their instrument in about a year, but the education can continue in order to help increase comfort and learn the more advanced skills on their instrument. 

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