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Policy Agreement

WELCOME, and thank you for choosing Southern Music Academy.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations in music education where it is most convenient, in your home.

The following information will outline what you can expect, what we expect, and the operating procedures we follow in our working arrangement for private music lessons.  If any of this information differs from the information you received on the phone, please contact our office as soon as possible. After reviewing the material, please sign the last page of the document and proceed to the website to view and pay your first invoice.

Enjoy your music lessons and all the wonders that come with your soon to be found music knowledge.


Music Lessons are fun and challenging, expect both and be prepared. Expect to get out what you put into you lessons. Lessons are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long and will start as soon as your teacher arrives. Although your lesson is at a scheduled time, your teacher may arrive 15 minutes before to 15 minutes after that particular time (Remember we are driving in Atlanta). Your instructor will be courteous and professional, never worry about asking any questions, that’s what we live for.


We the teachers at Southern Music Academy expect only one thing from you the student, to be prepared for your lesson. This means being home and on time for your lesson. We expect you to have any necessary materials ready, such as the instrument, lesson books, a pad of paper, and a pencil. Practicing as well as having positive and fun learning spirit will always prepare you for your lesson.


Many parents question their role in their child’s music lesson. As a common courtesy, any lesson materials should always be ready to give your child the most time with his or her teacher. Your role in their practicing is something that should be discussed on an individual basis with your teacher. Otherwise helping your child through their weekly lesson can probably be handled much in the same way school homework is in your home. Please feel free to call your teacher with questions about any unclear lesson procedures that might interfere with your child’s practice.


Every successful music student has one thing in common, consistency. Practicing a little every day is the key. Each technique a student learns will be built upon. That gradual growth is the best way to master the language of music. Don’t try to pass your lesson like a test, instead try to demonstrate what you learned the week prior. Students who put things off often get discouraged, try to set a specific daily time for practice and set a timer to signal its finish.



Payment and Subscription Terms: 


See our privacy policy here: go to privacy policy

AutoPay is required for lesson registration


By enrolling in lessons with Southern Music Academy, the client agrees to the following terms and conditions regarding payments:

  1. AutoPay Requirement: The client is required to register an active credit/debit card for automatic payments for their lessons. By providing the card information, the client authorizes Southern Music Academy to automatically charge the registered card for all lesson fees, applicable late fees, or other fees that may arise.

  2. Lesson Payments: Starting from the lesson Start Date, the client shall make all payments in respect of the assigned lessons (including lesson fees, late fees, or other fees) to Southern Music Academy for the amounts accrued from the Start Date. The Start Date refers to the date of the first lesson or music service provided by Southern Music Academy, its employees, and/or contractors.

  3. Client's Payment Responsibility: The client acknowledges that they are responsible for payment of all attended and missed lessons. Missed lessons are defined as lessons scheduled but canceled or unattended by the assigned student and/or the student's guardian.

  4. Makeup Lessons: Makeup lessons are not guaranteed but can be requested by the client if they contact their teacher at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. Availability of makeup lessons is subject to the teacher's schedule and discretion.

  5. Subscription Withdrawal (End Lessons): In the event that the client decides to end their lessons, they agree to pay the remaining balance of any unpaid invoices on their account in full, and the final lesson will be at the end of the current month that the written notification of withdrawal is received. 

  6. Returned Payments: Any returned payments, whether by checks or other means, will incur a $30 penalty fee. The unpaid balance resulting from the returned payment will be due immediately.

  7. Assumption of Risk: The client acknowledges and agrees that neither Southern Music Academy nor its property or vendors will be held liable for any illness or injury, including but not limited to COVID-19 and other known or unknown coronaviruses, that may occur during the provision of music lessons or related events or services. The client expressly assumes all risks associated with such circumstances and waives any claims against Southern Music Academy, its property, vendors, and employees for illness or injury.

  8. Release from Liability: By participating in the activities offered by Southern Music Academy, the client releases, acquits, and forever discharges the released parties from any claims arising from or related to their entry and participation in the activities, including but not limited to personal injury, property damage, or any other claims.

  9. Medical Emergencies: In the event of a medical emergency that affects the client's ability to pay or requires account maintenance, Southern Music Academy may, at its discretion, work with the client to find a suitable payment arrangement or reconnection plan. It is essential for the client to immediately contact Southern Music Academy upon learning of such emergencies.

  10. Lesson Materials Reimbursement: Your instructor will come prepared with music books and a lesson folder to track your progress and practice. To ensure the best learning experience, it is recommended that you have a dedicated notebook or folder to keep track of any additional notes or assignments given during the lessons. While our instructors provide these materials for your convenience, there will be a nominal reimbursement fee for the materials they provide. The reimbursement cost will not exceed $25 without prior approval. Your instructor will inform you of the specific amount and provide you with a receipt for the materials. Please be prepared to reimburse the teacher directly for these materials during or after the lesson. If the teacher is not reimbursed directly, the cost of the materials will be charged to the card on file.

  11. Arrival Time: To provide flexibility for both you and your instructor, we allow for a 15-minute grace period. Your instructor may arrive at your home 15 minutes before or after the scheduled lesson time. However, if your instructor anticipates arriving more than 5 minutes after the scheduled time, they will contact you to inform you of the delay.


Trial Lesson Policy for Music Lessons:


At Southern Music Academy, we understand the importance of finding the right fit for your musical education needs. To facilitate a seamless trial experience, we have implemented the following policy:

  1. Trial Lesson Enrollment: Families are welcome to begin their music lessons with us on a trial basis. During this trial period, families will have the opportunity to experience our teaching style, interact with the instructor, and assess if Southern Music Academy is the right fit for their musical journey.

  2. Invoicing and Payment: Families choosing to start lessons on a trial basis will be invoiced for the trial lesson(s) attended. However, before the third lesson begins, the family is required to submit payment for the first month of regular lessons. This payment will ensure a smooth transition from the trial period to regular lessons.

  3. Refund Policy: If, after attending the first lesson, the family decides that Southern Music Academy is not the right fit for their musical aspirations, they may request to discontinue the lessons. To qualify for a full refund of any monies spent, the family must contact us in writing before the second lesson begins, clearly expressing their intent to quit lessons.

  4. Refund Process: Upon receiving the written request for discontinuation, Southern Music Academy will promptly process the refund for any monies paid for the trial lesson(s) attended. The refund will be issued using the original payment method, and the amount refunded will be equivalent to the total amount paid for the trial lesson(s).

  5. Lesson Cancellation: If the family decides to discontinue lessons after the second lesson or any subsequent lessons, our regular cancellation policy will apply. Please refer to our cancellation policy for detailed information regarding lesson cancellations and any applicable refund conditions.


Cancellation Policy:


At Southern Music Academy, we strive to provide the best music education experience for our students. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, leading to the need for a cancellation or rescheduling of a lesson. To ensure fair treatment for all clients, we have established the following cancellation policy:

  1. Cancellation Within 24 Hours of the Lesson: If you wish to cancel a scheduled lesson within 24 hours of its start time, please note that the lesson fee will be forfeited. We understand that emergencies and unexpected situations occur, but due to limited availability and the commitment of our instructors, we are unable to offer a makeup lesson or credit for lessons canceled within this timeframe.

  2. Cancellation Before 24 Hours of the Lesson: If you need to cancel a lesson, we kindly request that you provide us with at least 24 hours notice. In such cases, we will offer you a makeup lesson credit that will be valid for a period of 14 days from the original lesson date. The makeup lesson can be scheduled based on the availability of our instructors. To utilize the makeup lesson credit, please contact our administration team at least 24 hours before the desired makeup lesson time.

  3. Make-Up Lesson Scheduling: Make-up lessons are subject to instructor availability. We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling preferences, but please note that specific time slots cannot be guaranteed. Make-up lessons should be scheduled within the 14-day validity period of the credit. Failure to schedule and attend a makeup lesson within the specified timeframe will result in the forfeiture of the makeup lesson credit.

  4. Multiple Cancellations: In the event of multiple cancellations within a short period, we reserve the right to reassess future scheduling options or request a commitment to a consistent lesson schedule to ensure fairness to both our instructors and other clients.

  5. Rescheduling by Southern Music Academy: In rare circumstances, it may be necessary for Southern Music Academy to reschedule or cancel a lesson due to unforeseen events or instructor unavailability. We will make every effort to provide you with advance notice and offer a suitable makeup lesson or credit for the canceled lesson.


Summer Lessons Cancellation Policy:


At Southern Music Academy, we understand that summer schedules can be unpredictable. To accommodate our families during this season, we have established the following Summer Lessons Cancellation Policy:

  1. Summer Session Definition: The "Summer Session" refers to a period of 16 weeks, which will be determined each year by Southern Music Academy and communicated through the annual SMA Sessions Calendar. The specific dates of the Summer Session will be provided to all families in advance.

  2. Cancellation Notification: Family clients who wish to cancel a summer lesson must notify their instructor at least 5 days before the scheduled lesson. This advanced notice allows us to adjust schedules and accommodate other families accordingly.

  3. Financial Credit: Families who provide the required 5-day notice of cancellation will receive a financial credit. This credit will be applied to the following month's invoice, allowing families to make up missed lessons or reduce their financial obligation for the upcoming month.

  4. Credit Application: The financial credit will be automatically applied to the following month's invoice and deducted from the total amount due. It cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred to any other account.

  5. Exceptions: The Summer Lessons Cancellation Policy applies only to lessons scheduled during the designated Summer Session. For lessons scheduled outside the Summer Session, our regular cancellation policy will be in effect.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our cancellation policy. By adhering to these guidelines, we can maintain a reliable and effective music education program for all of our students.


Image Release Agreement


This Image Release Agreement ("Agreement") is made and entered into between Southern Music Academy ("SMA") and the undersigned music lesson student, parent, or legal guardian (collectively referred to as "Participant") in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia. By signing these Terms and Conditions, the Participant acknowledges having read and understood all the statements and policies below and agrees to the terms regarding the use of photographs and/or videos.

  1. Grant of Permission: The Participant grants Southern Music Academy permission to use photographs and/or videos of the Participant, described as "music lessons photos, milestone achievement photos, and recital/performance photos," for any legal use, including, but not limited to, publicity, copyright purposes, illustration, advertising, and web content.

  2. Release of Compensation: The Participant understands and acknowledges that no royalty, fee, or other compensation shall become payable to them by reason of SMA's use of the photographs and/or videos as described in this Agreement.

  3. Consent of Parent/Legal Guardian: If the Participant is a minor or otherwise lacks the legal capacity to consent, the undersigned parent or legal guardian affirms that they have the authority to grant the permissions stated in this Agreement on behalf of the Participant.

  4. Use and Ownership: The Participant acknowledges that all photographs and/or videos used by SMA pursuant to this Agreement shall be the property of SMA, and SMA may use them in any lawful manner consistent with the permissions granted herein.

  5. Confidentiality: SMA agrees to use reasonable efforts to protect the confidentiality of personal information shared by the Participant and to adhere to applicable privacy laws and regulations.

  6. Revocation of Consent: The Participant understands that this Agreement is voluntary and can be revoked by providing written notice to SMA. However, revocation of consent may not affect any uses of the photographs and/or videos made by SMA prior to receiving such notice.

  7. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia.


By continuing with the lessons, the client agrees to abide by these payment terms and conditions. Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our administration team.

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