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Policy Agreement

WELCOME, and thank you for choosing Southern Music Academy.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations in music education where it is most convenient, in your home.

The following information will outline what you can expect, what we expect, and the operating procedures we follow in our working arrangement for private music lessons.  If any of this information differs from the information you received on the phone, please contact our office as soon as possible. After reviewing the material, please sign the last page of the document and proceed to the website to view and pay your first invoice.

Enjoy your music lessons and all the wonders that come with your soon to be found music knowledge.


Music Lessons are fun and challenging, expect both and be prepared. Expect to get out what you put into you lessons. Lessons are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long and will start as soon as your teacher arrives. Although your lesson is at a scheduled time, your teacher may arrive 15 minutes before to 15 minutes after that particular time (Remember we are driving in Atlanta). Your instructor will be courteous and professional, never worry about asking any questions, that’s what we live for.


We the teachers at Southern Music Academy expect only one thing from you the student, to be prepared for your lesson. This means being home and on time for your lesson. We expect you to have any necessary materials ready, such as the instrument, lesson books, a pad of paper, and a pencil. Practicing as well as having positive and fun learning spirit will always prepare you for your lesson.


Many parents question their role in their child’s music lesson. As a common courtesy, any lesson materials should always be ready to give your child the most time with his or her teacher. Your role in their practicing is something that should be discussed on an individual basis with your teacher. Otherwise helping your child through their weekly lesson can probably be handled much in the same way school homework is in your home. Please feel free to call your teacher with questions about any unclear lesson procedures that might interfere with your child’s practice.


Every successful music student has one thing in common, consistency. Practicing a little every day is the key. Each technique a student learns will be built upon. That gradual growth is the best way to master the language of music. Don’t try to pass your lesson like a test, instead try to demonstrate what you learned the week prior. Students who put things off often get discouraged, try to set a specific daily time for practice and set a timer to signal its finish.



1. TUITION  - Lessons are paid monthly in advance. Payment can be made by credit card draft on the 10th of each month or by check /electronic check to: Southern Music Academy, 405 N. Perry St., Ste. #12, Lawrenceville, GA 30046.  A credit card will need to be on file even if you choose to use check or electronic check as your form of payment. Tuition is due by the 10th of every month. Any returned checks will incur a $35 handling fee. If tuition is not received your credit card will be drafted the monthly tuition amount plus a $10 late fee on the 30th.  Payment for books and materials is the responsibility of the student. Tuition runs September-April and is monthly, not a per lesson cost.

AutoPay is required: Families will need to save a card on file which will be charged on the due date of every month, typically occurring on the 10th or 11th. 

Holiday Weeks: Tuition does not include lessons during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Winter Break (2 weeks), and Spring Breaks. These are four specific weeks where lessons are not offered and are not covered in the tuition prices. More details will be given on these dates as the season approaches.


Summer Lessons: May, June, July and most of August lessons are pro-rated to the number of lessons you are available to attend. Families will be notified of the specific dates for each of the semesters. There is a 5-day cancellation policy, which means that you may receive a credit for your lesson during the summer months if you contact your teacher or our office to cancel at least 5 days before your lesson. 


The current tuition for each semester of private music lessons is as follows:


One Student - $152/month         30-minute lesson                 

One Student - $228/month         45-minute lesson

One Student - $304/month         60-minute lesson


There is a one-time $45 registration fee per student.


*A late payment fee of $10 will be added to any payment received after the 10th and credit cards will be drafted if payment is not received by the 30th.

2. CANCELLATIONS - There is a No Cancellation Policy. Any family cancellations cannot be credited.  Teachers will wait 10 minutes if no one is present on arriving at the scheduled time of your lesson. If you cannot be present for a lesson, please contact your teacher as soon as possible.


3. MAKEUP LESSONSNo make-up lessons are guaranteed, but individual teachers will do their best to make sure that each student receives every scheduled lesson. In order to be eligible for a makeup lesson, the family must notify the teacher of there intended absence at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. 

4. INCLEMENT WEATHER - When emergency weather situations have been declared by local or national weather services, and a teacher is unable to reach your home or unable to do lessons due to power outages, families will receive credits for these lessons. 

5. NO UNATTENDED MINORS - Southern Music Academy or its Independent Teachers are not responsible for unattended or unsupervised minors. We require that parents or guardians always be present on-premises for all music lessons.

6. WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE - Southern Music Academy or its Independent Teachers are not responsible for any lost, missing, damaged, or stolen property in your home.

7. PHOTO RELEASE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - Southern Music Academy will take pictures and videos of students during their lessons and recitals to be used for social media and other marketing initiatives. The signing of this agreement is an acknowledgment that there is no expectation of royalties or payments when the previously mentioned photos are shared. The student or guardian of the student or students acknowledges and approves the release of the likeness of students on all platforms of Southern Music Academy.  

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