Frequently asked questions

How does lesson payments work?... Is there a minimum?

The tuition is paid on a monthly basis, with no contracts and no minimums. So, there's never any worry about being locked into lessons.

What is your typical process for working with a new student?

The process is easy. Reach out and let us know your preferred times and address and we'll respond with scheduling options for you to choose from. That's it. We'll take care of the rest.

Can a student be "too old" or "too young" for piano lessons?

We've worked with all ages from preschool to retirement. Rest assured that no one is too old to begin. Students younger than 4 years old are recommended to do a group music class to get an introduction to music through movement. However, many students are capable to take lessons with us starting at 4 years old. We incorporate movement and activities into the lessons so that the young students don't have to sit still during the lesson.

What questions should parents or adult students think through before talking to professionals about taking piano lessons?

Before taking lessons, you want to make sure that you have a regular weekly time slot that you can have your lessons. Learning an instrument is similar to learning a language and it takes regular practice and instruction to really take hold in your brain and get your mind to understand the language of music.

What happens if my child is sick or we have to miss a lesson?

If you need to cancel a lesson for any reason, please make sure to reach out to your teacher as soon as possible. While we cannot credit you for a lesson cancelled by the family, we will do our very best to make up the lesson. This is due to the fact that teachers have limited spaces in their schedules and your weekly reservation is one that has been carefully crafted to fit neatly within the busy lives of all of our families. In order for teachers to work professionally, and for the families to receive a professional, and quality lesson, the teachers must have stability and the time to prepare and continually put time towards making each lesson an amazing experience.

What happens if there is a "snow day" or extreme weather during our scheduled lesson time?

In the event of extreme weather, we have a few options. We can do the lesson via online conference, i.e. Skype, or the teacher will contact you to cancel or makeup the lesson at a later date.

How do Holidays Work?... We've been informed that we'll have no lessons over the Holiday. Do we have to pay for lessons that we won't get?

We can understand that it may seem like you're paying for lessons yet not receiving lessons during the holidays. Your Southern Music Academy tuition entitles you to weekly lessons for approximately 48 weeks of the year, but excludes the remainder four holiday weeks when we're closed. Those four weeks are: - Spring Break - Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Year's All other holidays are teaching days for us. These four weeks have been taking into consideration in your tuition and are not included as eligible teaching weeks.

How does Summer Work?

We recognize that families are very busy over the summer and would like to take vacations and not have to worry about paying for lessons and cancellations. So, to ease the pain, your teacher will work with you to create a custom summer schedule for you at the beginning of summer and pro-rate your summer months according to what you have scheduled. Just let your teacher know when you'll be in town, and we'll do the rest to make a schedule that fits. The teacher will follow up with a schedule for your approval, and you're all set.



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