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Welcome to Southern Music Academy

We can't wait to get started working with your child. We take pride in providing our families with quality music lessons and classes for our young students. Get started below. 

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Who we are

Southern Music Academy is a full service music school offering music lessons to students of any age and experience levels. 

Founded by Burdett Rice, a musician of over 30 years taught in the Classical tradition but raised in the church to become a Jazz, R&B and Gospel musician. Burdett helps other musicians build their studios by using his expertise in pedagogy, and compassionate education that helps mentor already fantastic musicians into engaging teachers.

We take special care to make sure that every student is enjoying lessons and understands their path and sees progress. Our goal is to create a community of passionate performers who can take their skills into any area of their lives. 

Music lessons are an invaluable addition to a fulfilling life. Science has shown that people who take music lessons improve cognitive ability, spatial reasoning, and abstract thinking. These benefits are well known for developing the brains of young children. However, these developmental benefits can also be gained by aging adults who need to keep their minds sharp and have new experiences. It's a favorite pastime for our newly retired adult students and young adults who always wished they could play an instrument.  





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