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Professional piano teachers come to teach fun piano lessons conveniently in your home* or online.

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in home lessons are being offered on a limited basis following CDC guidelines


There's no contract or minimum lesson amount. 

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How does it work at Southern Music Academy

Fill out the form to ask any questions about the piano lessons, and we'll reach out quickly to learn about your goals, and past experience. With this info, we'll craft a plan and curriculum to fit your needs.

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We'll set up your No-Risk piano lessons to start as early as the next week. We're so confident that you'll love them, that if after the first lesson you feel like it's not a great fit, just let us know and you'll pay nothing.  

What our Customers Say About Us

"Burdett is the most patient, fun yet knowledgeable piano teacher we have ever had. He is incredibly gifted in all things rhythm and music. On top of it all, he is a wonderful human."

— Nicole B

"Burdett Rice is an exceptional teacher and musician. I am an intermediate adult piano student and worked with Burdett for 4 years. He is a talented musician and a patient teacher. I loved that he taught me technique, theory, and music history all of which combined to make me a more well-rounded musician. I moved out of state or I would still be taking lessons from Burdett."

— Virginia D.