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Tyler Mayfield

What I Teach:

Piano • Guitar • Drums • Ukulele


Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

Why I love Music: 

I was born in Louisiana and developed my rhythmical chops early by playing drums in my parents church since I was about 5 years old. My parents noticed my talent and they gifted me, at 13 years old, a Fender Strat guitar for Christmas. At that moment, music had dug into my heart, and I fell in love with playing. I expanded my experience by taking piano and vocal lessons in high school and became known as a multi-instrumentalist which opened a lot of doors for me.

While active in my high school drumline I auditioned for the prestigious Atlanta Institute of music and media. Very soon after graduating from high school I moved to Atlanta and joined East Coast Entertainment corporate band which solidified my love for creating music and having a great time.

I continue to play with at least two corporate bands as I have done since 2020. My main role is primarily as a guitarist, but I continue to work and expand on all the instruments that I play in order to become a well-rounded musician. It's what I bring to each and every one of my students, a worldly view of music and a Cosmopolitan approach to all different genres, instruments and styles.

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