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Samantha de Zayas- Muñoz

What I Teach:



University of the Arts (Havana, Cuba)

Why I love Music: 

I originally hail from Cuba and hold a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Music. I bring over two decades of experience to the realm of music education. And I have a track record of 14 years as a music teacher, I've honed my skills in working with children and fostering musical growth.

In Cuba, my impact extended beyond my role as a professional musician, encompassing leadership of my own musical ensemble, participation in classical and contemporary groups, and a 14-year tenure as a music teacher at a Conservatory. This rich background has enabled me to design comprehensive study programs, including piano, musical initiation, solfeggio, music history, and music theory, tailored to the cognitive nuances of each student. It's this growth and fun that I see when a student discovers who they are musically that make me love teaching music.

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