Jordan K. Frazier

Piano • Voice • Guitar • Ukulele


Berklee College of Music

Jordan is a passionate and committed music professional, with the repertoire and perseverance to succeed. She is a triple threat powerhouse who grew up amongst the vibrant and diverse music scene in Atlanta, GA. She's collected an abundance of inspiration to advance the genres of R&B, jazz, contemporary, and classical. This musician is a scholar with 2 Bachelors of the Arts under her belt. She is an undergraduate studying Interdisciplinary Music with concentrations in Film scoring, television composition, and music technology at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. She also studied Interdisciplinary English with a concentration in Creative Writing and African American Literature at Georgia Gwinnett College. Her musical background credits 18 years of studying piano, music composition, music theory, vocal techniques, and percussion. She sings in both English and Spanish, and has vocal credits for Reggaeton, Indie, Gospel, R&B, Funk, Rock, and Soul songs. Jordan specializes in the studies and teaching for world music, western music theory, music technology/ sound design, and advanced composition. And she uses her appreciation of the arts to bring her clients a vast array of songwriting and production skills.

Jordan has been mentored by the best in this industry, and collaborated with the best in this industry; including:
• Tameko Starr •Frank Taylor •Peter Bell
•Brad Hatfield •Gaye Tolan Hatfield •Marc Gilley •Sean Slade •Ralph Kinscheck •George Russell. •Irina Escalante-Chernova •Whitney Holley •Valencia Giles •Ludwig Porras. •Rita Atkinson •Craig Johnson •David Dukes •Michelle Hung • Sia Furler
and many more!