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Bella Michael Provo

What I Teach:

Piano • Voice


Spelman College

Why I love Music: 

With four years of experience in music education, I excel in creating personalized learning experiences that ignite a passion for music performance in young learners. I tailor each lesson to fit individual skill levels, learning styles, and musical aspirations, ensuring that every child feels challenged and engaged while making progress they can be proud of.

I also advocate for music development as a gateway to top universities, professional outcomes, and personal growth, recognizing its broader benefits beyond the piano. My personal commitment to lifelong musical growth is evident through my Berklee College of Music certification in Piano and Keyboard performance and ongoing mentorship with Dr. Hyunjung Rachel Chung of Spelman College. I bring a wealth of expertise to my teaching with a diverse musical repertoire spanning classical, jazz, contemporary, and pop/rock genres. From performances at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall to televised appearances, my accolades speak to my dedication and talent. Whether your child is taking their first musical steps or seeking to refine their skills, I am here to guide them on their musical journey.

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