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How to break through the Piano Lesson Brick Wall

Every student reaches a brick wall where the lessons are getting harder and they're crossing out of the Primary stage of learning the basics and really starting to apply a lot of what they've been learning up to this point. This is also the point where the student who may have practiced everyday begins to practice less and less.

Remember that during this stage, the piano is supposed to be harder, because you're crossing into territory that's new and your hands are beginning to move around the piano and your hands are having to shift positions because you're probably now playing chords.

At this stage, the student has crossed the barrier of playing the simplest one hand nursery rhymes and beginning to learn two handed songs that aren't very recognizable. What's going on is that the teacher is starting to introduce music that's introducing concepts needed to play the more difficult pieces that the students will feel most proud of when they get there. Finger strength, hand independence and note reading are extremely important developmental hurdles to conquer at this stage.

If you make it through this part, you'll be able to play music that sounds like what you heard in your head when you started. You're almost there! Don't give up! You can make it through.

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