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Free Piano Lesson Printables for Beginners

Sometimes it can be difficult to start learning the piano and rather intimidating. Well, if you were looking for free piano lesson printables to help get started as a beginner, we've got you at Southern Music Academy.

It's good, when you're starting piano lessons, to be able to identify the letters on the keys and be able to understand how the letters coincide with the 88 keys. So, here are some free printables to help students get started playing their songs easier.

How to use the

piano lesson printable

  1. Simply print it out on card stock

  2. Cut out the letters on Piano Easy Play

  3. Line up the Black squares with the Black keys

  4. Place the colored letters on the piano

That's it!

To get your free piano lesson printable, simply enter your name and email in the form below and the printables will be emailed to you ready for download.

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