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What's the best piano to learn on?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

A lot of times when looking for lessons, it's hard to know what's the best piano to learn on. Truth is that it's much easier than you think to find a great piano to learn on. The 3 things that you need when purchasing a piano or keyboard you need the following:

1. At least 61 keys

2. The piano or keyboard needs to have "Touch Response"

3. You need a sustain pedal

These are the 3 absolute must haves for the best piano to learn on. As a parent of a student or a potential student yourself there are a few brands and specifics that we can point you to for an easy search.

best piano to learn on

Best Digital Piano: Casio PX-160

The Casio Privia series is one of the most well known digital piano series on the market with an established reputation. What makes this the best digital piano is the affordable price point and the feel of the keys which simulate an acoustic piano, called weighted key hammer action. One of the most important parts of learning how to play piano is learning how to express music as early as possible. New students learn how to express themselves by learning the difference between playing softly and loudly, which is called Touch Response in keyboard descriptions. The weighted hammer key action will help a student learn how to properly press the keys early in their lessons. This is a great choice if you're going to go the direction of a digital piano option. One consideration that you may want to take is to make sure that you know proper digital piano care. Here's an article from the Online Pianist that talks about how to care for your digital piano.

Best Acoustic Piano: Yamaha b Series Upright Piano

The Yamaha b Series pianos are a fantastic upright piano to learn on. The sound of a Yamaha is an industry standard that many pianist have in their arsenal when creating music. Seeing that this is an acoustic piano, it's going to have the 3 essentials for piano learning. However, what makes the Yamaha b Series a great piano is their reliability and affordability for great quality. The Yamaha pianos give a great sound that's not too bright or too warm, but it will gear up a student to hear the piano in an average tone, which will help the student be able to play by ear easier because they'll be able to pick out the piano from a crowd of sounds when their ears get accustomed to the sound of the Yamaha piano. One consideration when getting an acoustic piano is keeping up with tuning and maintenance. Here's a an article from Fine Tuning on how often should you tune your piano.

In Conclusion

This is not at all an exhaustive list of the best pianos to learn on, but it's just a short list to give parents a starting point for purchasing a piano. The way to make your decision is to make sure that you have the 3 essentials mentioned earlier and find a sound that you like.

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