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Free Infant Music Class
Saturday at 9:30a

A Baby and Me music and movement class for young children

Location: 2365 Pleasantdale Rd, Room 13B Atlanta, GA 30340

Times: Saturday at 9:30a

Learning Through Play

The first year old life your baby engages in both social play and object play. We provide an opportunities for both! Our class involves games, music and movement specifically created for babies to explore and learn. 


Build Connection and Bonds with Baby

Inside our classroom, the caregiver is the star. Babies bond best with those they see daily. Our class is shpaed to help foster and strengthen those bonds.  


Free Digital Materials (Songs & Activities)

The class is just the place to get started. At home is when the real magic happens. As a free gift for being a part of our class, you will receive permanent access to the songs, games and activities to enhance learning and play with your baby


Let's Get Started

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