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Music Set

Burdett rice

Piano & Voice Studio

Students can expect to have a high energy experience filled with fun explorations through easy to understand language and an encouraging process to finding their stride as musicians.

Burdett found a love for playing and composing music that resonates from deep within his soul. From his instruction of music of all genres: Broadway, Film Classical, Gospel, Jazz, Baroque, R&B and Hip-hop, Burdett teaches from the standpoint made famous by Louis Armstrong, "There's only two types of music, the good and the bad".


BA Music Composition



Burdett Rice has been teaching piano and voice to children and adults for over 20 years. He began his journey as a musician while only a child, in his native St. Louis, under the instruction of the award-winning Gospel composer, Joseph Price, of the Historical Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church. Joseph quickly discovered that Burdett had a natural talent for music and led him through a traditional music program to learn the music of Classical greats such as J.S. Bach, Hanon, Beethoven and Bizet. After his foundations were set, Burdett then began to venture into the Traditional African-American styles of music like Blues, Gospel and Jazz. His students learn every genre that they have an interest in because every style of music is based on a foundation of the music theory that underpins all music. 

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