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in-home and online music lessons for all ages 
piano • guitar • drums • saxophone • trumpet • ukulele • violin •voice • PERCUSSION

young man having a fun piano lesson
Piano Practice
Violin practice
Guitar Lessons


Love your first lesson or pay nothing! 

We teach brilliant music lessons that are consistent, creative & inspiring

piano lessons atlanta


piano lessons atlanta


We teach safe and convenient lessons through Zoom with a professional music educator who specializes in leading fun music lessons through easy-to-follow demonstration and impeccable communication. 

We teach engaging and imaginative in-person lessons in the comfort of your home with an experienced professional teacher who utilizes games and activities to inspire and create the perfect learning environment.

piano lessons atlanta


Every student gets a Repertoire Tracker that charts the fun songs in their very own library of jams they can pull out at any time they feel the inclination. Through your Dashboard, you will be able to see all the songs you've played and marvel at your progress through the years. 

piano lessons atlanta


Every student gets to Level Up at our Skills Week event where students can demonstrate their hard-earned work and receive awards and recognition for all they've accomplished. Highly motivated students can even achieve international standards through the Royal Conservatory of Music levels.

piano lessons atlanta


Every student gets to perform at our recitals that occur every four months. And through our partnership with the Atlanta Rock and Blues Camp, our students can find an ensemble of other students who love to play fun music. Some of our students have even started their very own bands.

in the comfort of your home
learn from teachers who care

Music Lessons for Kids

"I am more than pleased with the lessons my almost five year old has received with Southern Music Academy! Our teacher is super patient and fun, and meets her exactly where she is each lesson. I would definitely recommend this company, especially for those with younger children!"

We believe that every student has the potential for greatness. We tailor our lessons to the student and young children need activities to keep them engaged. Our lessons utilize fun movement and games that help younger students realize their potential and learn in an enriching environment. Lots of families want their little ones to take piano lessons and wonder how much. Piano lessons typically cost anywhere from $20 - $40 for a 30-min lesson. Our lessons are competitively priced within this range. 

Piano Lesson

Music Lessons for Musicians

"As a person who already has a musical background I was hesitant about music lessons. What more could I learn? MUCH! Yanni and I have a wholly different style and background, but we both share a love for the piano."

Even people who already play music need accountability partners to help them advance. You'd be surprised to know, but many piano teachers take piano lessons to help them keep their skills sharp. So, no matter what level you play, we can help. Our teachers are college-educated musicians that all play to an advanced level on their instrument. Try out lessons and see how we can help you build a plan to reach the goal of being your best musical self. 

Music Lessons for Beginners

"My teacher is fantastic! I had no prior music knowledge and I have already learned so much in a very short amount of time. Burdett is very patient and explains music concepts in a practical way. Every lesson is challenging but FUN! If you’re looking for a piano teacher who will have you playing like a pro in no time Southern Music Academy is your place!"

Starting something new can be scary sometimes. As teachers, we take our time to make sure that we communicate in a way that our students understand the concepts needed in order to play the way that they envision. Music is language expressed through sounds. We see success as helping those who want to bring that sound into reality. We do this by teaching several components in every lesson. Music theory is taught so that students can have the vocabulary to communicate and collaborate with other musicians. Technique is taught so that students will have control over their hands to properly express their emotions. And finally, Performance is the focus as the central component to playing music is playing music.

Playing Drums

What else our families say

Jenn K says...

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 1.30.13 PM.png

Virginia D says...

Burdett Rice is an exceptional teacher and musician. I am an intermediate adult piano student and worked with Burdett for 4 years. He is a talented musician and a patient teacher. I loved that he taught me technique, theory, and music history all of which combined to make me a more well-rounded musician. I moved out of state or I would still be taking lessons from Burdett.

Nicole B says...

Burdett is the most patient, fun yet knowledgeable piano teacher we have ever had. He is incredibly gifted in all things rhythm and music. On top of it all, he is a wonderful human.

Tracy B says...

Burdett is a great teacher, he relates to the kids and has fun while teaching. Would recommend him to anyone!!

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