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Nic Pressley

What I Teach:

Piano • Trumpet • Voice


Austin Peay State University

Why I love Music: 

I would describe myself as a freelance trumpeter/artist. I’m very excited to help children and adults as a music teacher here in Georgia that has had the wonderful experience of collaborating with many other artists in NC, GA, & TN for countless large production live events & recordings. To me, this is why I teach. The experience that I’ve had to know a life doing the thing that I love so much. Then being able to show younger musicians the way that they can too build a life as a musician, is what motivates me to instill the same love and passion to the potential musicians that I teach.

I currently work as a music producer, vocalist, keyboardist, and trumpeter, and write music for many genres: Pop, R&B, Soul, Straight Ahead Jazz, Funk & Indie to name a few.

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