Joseph Satralkar



Trinity College, London

With over 10 years of experience in teaching music privately as well as in a classroom environment, Joseph is skilled at teaching students with various learning styles and abilities. He is trained in classical piano and has achieved a bachelors (ATCL) degree in Piano from Trinity College, London.

He is also an accredited teacher for IGCSE (University of Cambridge). He has taught in two International Baccalaureate schools as a ‘Music Teacher’ and ‘Director of Music’. Joseph also has 10 years of performing experience as a concert pianist and accompanist. He has worked with various artists in the Classical, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Rock, EDM, and Pop genres as a music producer and live performer. He has performed solo as well as an accompanist all over the World. His combined experience in music performance, technology and classical piano enables him to model his lessons to suit student needs whether they want to learn reading music, playing by ear, or simply learning to play and record their favorite songs.

Joseph is currently living with his wife in Marietta GA. His hobbies include reading, traveling and visiting Museums and art Galleries.