Colleen Dixon



Colleen is a classically trained pianist who began playing piano at the age of 6. Her love of music began early and led her to develop her talent and rise the love of competitive performance. She has competed on behalf of her former music studio, as well as state wide competitions in her home state of Missouri.

Throughout her growth into a young musician, her love of competitive performance blossomed. She has won the Friends of Scott Joplin ragtime piano competition and was given the opportunity to perform in front of Scott Joplin's childhood home in Sedalia, Missouri. She also competed and won the Young Heroes in Music competition which afforded her the opportunity to play from the studios of the Classic 99 radio station in St. Louis and the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Colleen brings this passion and comfort in preparing for competitions in many genres including Jazz, Ragtime, Classical and Pop. Her students learn to love playing piano for the joy of playing and are encouraged to rise to their greatest heights as musicians in their own right.