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Music Lessons
in Atlanta metro

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Why Work with Southern Music Academy

Scientifically backed Approach

We've done our research! Our lessons are backed with 6 scientifically supported pillars to create the best learning experience for our students and give the best type of progress for students to express themselves.

Regular Performance Opportunities

Our collaboration with Atlanta Rock and Blues Camp helps our students are encouraged to perform regularly. Once a student reaches the age of 8, they are encouraged to participate in our Open Mics where they will get to play music with other students and teachers. 

Progress Tracker

Every student receives an online account where their teacher will mark the lessons along with the notes so that families can track a student's progress and see what's been done over the course of the years. 


Sign up for lessons today

You can easily set your lessons up by reaching out to us through our music lessons contact form. Since you're here, you can also get your first lesson for only $25. 

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